Moisture: Hardwood Floors #1 Enemy!

Because hardwood floors are susceptible to water damage it is important to wipe any spills right away. Never let a spill sit or it may seep through the floor and warp it if left alone for too long.

Clean your floor with a lightly dampened cloth using a hardwood floor cleaning product. Poly-urethane and laminate floors can be cleaned with products especially designed for hardwood. Do not damp mop a wood floor. The water can deteriorate the wood and finish.

Maintain a constant and proper temperature in the home. Check the humidity level according to the weather changes. A recommended indoor humidity level would be at around 40 to 50 percent. A change in weather can cause the floor to contract or expand.


Protect Your Floor from Scratches

Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly to avoid build up of dirt/sand that could scratch your floor. Vacuum with a soft bristle attachment.

If your hardwood floor is close to exterior doors, put door mats at entrances to keep dirt & moisture from being tracked inside.

Put felt protectors under furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents when moving furniture. This will also make it easier for you to move furniture when sweeping or vacuuming..


Here is what you'll need to touch up your wood floor:

Soft Cloth Wood Stain Stick (to match wood surface, available at most hardware stores)

First, clean the wood surface. Using the wood stick, touch up any nicks or scratched areas on the finish. Using a soft cloth, lightly brush the edges of the stain to blend, and let dry.

The method noted above is only recommended to fix minor imperfections. For severe floor damage such as cracks between boards, cupping, crowning or buckling, please contact us.