If your stairs need an update, why not sand and finish them for a brand new look! Refinishing stairs is a similar process as refinishing your floors - from a simple buff and recoat to a complete installation, paint, sand and refinish of all your stair components (stair treads, spindles, risers, posts and handrails).



Installation, Repair, Recoat and Refinish

We install unfinished and prefinished hardwood of various species. Prefinished or factory finished flooring means that the stain and finish has already been applied at the manufacturing facility. Unfinished hardwood requires sanding with the stain and/or finish applied on the job site. This is the best option if you are looking for a specific colour or need to match an existing floor or desired decor. .

We also install laminate, engineered and bamboo floors.


With proper care and maintenance, your hardwood floors could last decades. Refinishing your existing hardwood is the best way of maintaining the natural beauty, eliminate deep scratches, dents and dings and even water damage. This process requires a complete re-sand to bare wood and will give you the opportunity to change the colour of your floor.

We use only premium, eco-friendly, low VOC, fast drying water base finishes.

If your floor just needs a “refresh”, (no deep scratches, dull finish etc...), then a simple buff and recoat is a great option.